Junk (M83 Album Review)



I used to review albums on Rdio after I listened to them for the first time. Rdio no longer exists, so here we are.

When I first heard Go! (feat. Mai Lan), I immediately fell in love with the song. I probably listened to it a couple dozen times on a loop that day. It had all of the things: a catchy chorus, a cool dance-y indietronica vibe, and it even had a countdown (countdowns are obviously super NASA rocket launch-y and cool)! This got me very excited for the rest of the album.

Before I continue, I should probably note that this is not a bad album. It is reasonably listen-able, and I really really love a couple of the tracks on this release. That being said, the rest of the tracks are mildly unimpressive. The album is very diverse in its mood (which isn’t always bad, but in this particular case it comes across as a “loose jumble of tracks we made in no particular order”).

I don’t know.

7.0 out of 10.

Favorite tracks: “Go!” and “Laser Gun”


Zirconium Meconium (album review)



Hold on, because this one is going to be quite the ride. As you progress through the album, you’ll find that Fever The Ghost throws out loads of enjoyable oddities at every turn. Electronically-infused synth-y hooks, pitch distortion, dog barks, psychedelic organ… this album has it all. Sometimes it’s surf-y, sometimes it’s space-y, sometimes it’s punk-y, sometimes it’s disco-y, but most importantly it’s always exciting.

Some of my favorite tracks here are “Rounder II”, “Peace Crimes”, “Surf’s Up!…Nevermind.”, and “Sun Moth”.

If you ever have 45 minutes to just sit back and really absorb a very unique and energetic album, this’ll do just fine.

I really liked this one. 8.8/10.


Jr. Jr. (album review or something)



Jr. Jr. is the third full length from Jr. Jr. (formally Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.), and I’m having trouble forming an actual opinion on it as a whole. I think I like it. These tracks are very catchy. They stayed true to the electronic-infused poppy lightness from their previous albums (i guess), but for some reason I’m really not terribly impressed.

I can’t quite put my finger on what, but something seems to have been lost from the unique sound they had in The Speed of Things.

I don’t know… does that justify a 7.65/10?


thanks dubtrack.fm


Seeing as I have have a history of reviewing websites where users gather and pick music for each other to listen to, I guess it is about time I talk about dubtrack.fm.


This time around, there are no dancing avatars taking up 80% of the screen. Its just a music player and a chat box.

Most importantly: unlike turntable.fm and plug.dj, this website actually still exists.

123 stars out of 10.


I Like Back Back Forward Punch (And So Do You)


I’ve been listening to Back Back Forward Punch for a while now, but I just decided recently that they’re probably my favorite indie dance/nu disco duo–and possibly even my favorite artist in general at the moment. Here are three tracks that I feel should be a suitable intro to BBFP.

Big Time

We’ll start you off with “Big Time”. Right off the bat, you get a nice feel of the ridiculously catchy indie dance vibe that BBFP is all about. It features breezy vocals layered over deep bass rhythms and catchy indietronica hooks.

Up Late In The Jungle

I SEE YOUR MOVEMENT. I SEE YOUR MOooOoVEMENT! I SEE MOVEMENT ON THE DANCE FLOOR! This infectiously catchy track is pretty much overflowing with groove.

Emergency Bow Tie

We’ll do one more. Emergency Bow Tie is the track that first got me into Back Back Forward Punch. It’s full of poppy bleeps and bloops and robotic hooks, all on top of bouncing bass-lines. If you close your eyes, you can almost see a band full of cool and hip robotz playing plastic keyboards and electronic drums while some other cool and hip robotz dance along.

Here’s their soundcloud for when you decide you need more.


plug.dj + me


I suppose this is the sequel to my entry from 2013 about turntable.fm shutting down.


I know, I know. This website looks like it was designed for 10 year olds. Despite its ugly UI and obnoxious dancing avatars, I still managed to get myself hooked.

It’s weird. Over the last year, this has pretty much filled the void left by turntable.fm to become one of my most-used websites—and I don’t even like looking at it.


my_pockets 2k14


The following are some things I like. 50% of these things aren’t actually in my pockets oops.

Photo Mar 31, 9 37 28 AM

  • slimfold Micro (Tyvek wallet)
  • Zebra Sarasa Blue Pen (Not in my pocket but it is my go-to pen)
  • iPhone 5
  • Timex Easy Reader watch
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Now it’s easier than ever to write your very own open letter!!

create an open letter: stuff.thompsn.com/openletters

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here’s a thing. a plug.dj bot written specifically for plug.dj/beats-2-45. runs in-browser. throw it in a bookmarklet or whatever.

it can: sync some commands from a google spreadsheet and yell @ you


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An Open Letter To Netflix


To whom it may concern:

Please remove Top Gear from your list of available instant streaming titles. Many would agree that it is the worst show. You can add some other ones if you want.

Matt Thompson