I Like Back Back Forward Punch (And So Do You)

I’ve been listening to Back Back Forward Punch for a while now, but I just decided recently that they’re probably my favorite indie dance/nu disco duo–and possibly even my favorite artist in general at the moment. Here are three tracks that I feel should be a suitable intro to BBFP.

Big Time

We’ll start you off with “Big Time”. Right off the bat, you get a nice feel of the ridiculously catchy indie dance vibe that BBFP is all about. It features breezy vocals layered over deep bass rhythms and catchy indietronica hooks.

Up Late In The Jungle

I SEE YOUR MOVEMENT. I SEE YOUR MOooOoVEMENT! I SEE MOVEMENT ON THE DANCE FLOOR! This infectiously catchy track is pretty much overflowing with groove.

Emergency Bow Tie

We’ll do one more. Emergency Bow Tie is the track that first got me into Back Back Forward Punch. It’s full of poppy bleeps and bloops and robotic hooks, all on top of bouncing bass-lines. If you close your eyes, you can almost see a band full of cool and hip robotz playing plastic keyboards and electronic drums while some other cool and hip robotz dance along.

Here’s their soundcloud for when you decide you need more.

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