AutoDub is a Google Chrome extension / bookmarklet for that adds extra features to an already great community listening site. As the name would imply, the main function of AutoDub is to automatically “dub” or upvote to every single song. The initial version of AutoDub came out back in September of 2015, and has been pretty neglected ever since (I still use it every day, though).

Cooler extra features include:
(Some of these are specefic to a room called Indie Discotheque. AutoDub connects to a Javscript bot that I wrote that lives in the room.)

  • user mention notifications for chat
  • a discoball that drops when someone pays a robot named #EVE in a fake currency called Discocheques (pictured above).
  • D A N C E R S that deploy when discocheques are paid to #EVE.
  • #EVE’s voice blasting through your speakers between songs to tell you what song is playing. (#EVE is also the MC of our radio stream at
  • An auto-updating display of how many Discocheques you have in your wallet
  • Other options to hide/show different parts of dubtrack’s UI that you may or may not want to look at
  • View the queue box and the chat box at the same time.
  • PM+ was going to be PM boxes in the style of Facebook messages or Gmail chat. I kind of forgot about it and never really finished it, but a rough early version of the feature is live. (Default PM interface covers up the main chat box, and doesn’t allow for more than one PM convo on the screen at once.)

The AutoDub repo is public on github:

AutoDub is also available in the Chrome Webstore:

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