Junk (M83 Album Review)


I used to review albums on Rdio after I listened to them for the first time. Rdio no longer exists, so here we are.

When I first heard Go! (feat. Mai Lan), I immediately fell in love with the song. I probably listened to it a couple dozen times on a loop that day. It had all of the things: a catchy chorus, a cool dance-y indietronica vibe, and it even had a countdown (countdowns are obviously super NASA rocket launch-y and cool)! This got me very excited for the rest of the album.

Before I continue, I should probably note that this is not a bad album. It is reasonably listen-able, and I really really love a couple of the tracks on this release. That being said, the rest of the tracks are mildly unimpressive. The album is very diverse in its mood (which isn’t always bad, but in this particular case it comes across as a “loose jumble of tracks we made in no particular order”).

I don’t know.

7.0 out of 10.

Favorite tracks: “Go!” and “Laser Gun”

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