firetable Updates: April 2020

New firetable stuff!

  • Dark color UI redesign/rework (thanks to @andrewtibbetts)
  • Playlist bump to bottom
  • Playlist filter
  • Playlist shuffle
  • Playlist merge
  • User suspensions
  • Trading cards!
  • User join dates in user list
  • Avatars in chat
  • Broken track source flagging system for playlists
  • Various bugfixes


Chase February 12, 2021

I want to learn how to create this so much! I really have read every single post about it and looked at everything on Github… Sadly I am a smoothbrain it seems… Any chance you can point my in a direction to understand how to recreate this? I am seriously impressed and have been plagued by PlugDJ shutdowns for years. Love the work. Cheers.

matt May 7, 2021

For anyone in a similar spot in the future, I wrote some first time setup instructions:

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