Let’s Talk About Headphones

Grado SR80i

Open-back headphones for NICE music listening! I’ve had these for 8 years and they’re my go-to for when I really want to dive in and enjoy an album. There’s some pretty substantial sound leakage, so they’re not ideal for use in a space where others are around.

Aftershokz Aeropex

I just purchased these a few months ago to use on bike rides. They are bone conduction headphones, so instead of sitting in or on your ears, they sit next to them. This allows you to hear outside noises and your headphone noises at the same time. The sound profile is missing most of the low end, but is perfect for phone calls, audiobooks, and podcasts. Despite having a narrower sound profile than the cheaper headphones on this list, these have quickly became my favorite headphones.

Sennheiser HD202

These are nice and cheap, and they block outside sounds nicely. Cord is 500 miles long.

Sony WIC310

Inexpensive Bluetooth earbuds. They play the tunez. Pretty long battery life.

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