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web firetable
Listen to music with friends! Built with Javascript + Firebase + Youtube Embed Api. DJ Queue and song advancements handled by a node.js script/chatbot.
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Wanted a simple mobile friendly webapp to log my ride times and distances. Couldn't find one I liked so I made this. Visually displays each ride's average speed in comparison to my overall average speed at the time of that particular ride.
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web JPS
Volunteer hour and donation tracking application built for a nonprofit. Full-featured sortable search with date filters and CSV export.
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extension autodub
Provides extra features for users. Connects directly to the Indie Discotheque chatbot (idbot) to give visual feedback for various bot functions.
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web Discocheque Leaderboard
Realtime view of the top 50 people with the most "discocheques" (a sort of point system awarded to dubtrack users by my dubtrack bot, idbot). Also shows other relevant user data idbot collects such as the last time a user has chatted and a list of all the different usernames a user has gone by.
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bot nobotee
In-browser bot for designed for a room that only allows DJs to play songs with durations under 1 minute and 45 seconds. Kept track of personal and room streaks of consecutive songs under the time limit.
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